A rather simple system this time : slip joint. We don’t really need a lock if we mostly use a knife for food.

Carbon fiber liners, much lighter than steel. Armed and twice stabilized concrete scales. I wanted to play with this material so I broke the concrete in various places and let appear the metallic net underneath. The acrylic resin then flattened the surface, giving a smooth touch but still allows a perfect reading of the material. It all brings a strange contrast, between sophistication and decadence.

Another original feature, we designed a new composite type of spring, assembled like a sandwich around a thin layer of G10 (glass fiber).

Without harming the functionality, we achieved to save about a third of the metal weight. Even more, we chose titanium screws on the pivot, lighter than steel.

Blade: 14C18N Nitrogen boosted stainless steel, cryo treated
Hardness: HRC 60
Scales: Carbon Fiber liners, armed and stabilized concrete scales, sandwich G10/steel spring
Pouch: Thick felt and tartan
Length: 21,5 cm while open, 12 cm folded
height: 28 mm
Thickness: 15 mm
Mounted on beryllium bronze washers, with titanium pivot screws
Packed in an old school lunch box
Recommended selling price: 450 €