Glacier White and copper

The tip’s shape is the first code bender. By reversing it, it minimizes significantly the length of edge in contact with the plate. The effect is a much longer sharpness lifespan. The handle’s material is an acrylic stone composite. It is made out of two third of stone powder and one third of acrylic resin. It is a reliable and waterproof material.

Scales: 66% stone powder, 33% acrylic resin composite
Blade: 14C18N Nitrogen boosted stainless steel, cryo treated
Hardness: HRC 60
Length: 23,5 cm
height: 19 mm
Thickness: 12 mm
Sold as a 4-item set
Suggested selling price : 330€
Professional price : 34€ each (local taxes and import duties not included)

Dishwasher use is not recommended