Back in 2014, in Thiers, with over sixteen years of experience in my hands, I created my manufacture of high-end cutlery with a desire to invent an aesthetic steeped in the culture of my generation, fueled with punk rock music and comic books.

I dropped without regret precious materials with colonial resonances (ivory, exotic woods) that still dominate cutlery nowadays to go towards synthetic or recycled materials such as concrete, vinyl records, comic books or Scottish tartan.

The chefs, winemakers, artisans and designers who were able to dust off their crafts and shake up the codes inspire me, they encourage me to experiment with new forms and unexpected materials, so that my knives become fully involved in a singular experience of the table.


Our knives are entirely made at the workshop in Thiers, with the help of a few specialized local companies (laser cutting, cryogenic hardening, inclusion resin).

The company is located in a former polishing workshop, in an alley of Thiers’ town centre. It is currently being refurbished in order to properly accommodate visiting clients as well as future recruits who will soon join the team.

Before paying us a visit, please be advised that making an appointment is highly preferable for us to receive you well - if you come unannounced, don’t take it wrong but there is a great chance that we will be in a rush to fulfill an order!

© Per-Anders Jörgensen

The team


The (sick) brain

Born in 1979 in Paris, he moved in Thiers to start his training at Perceval in 1997. After 2008, he was in charge of designing every knives and passing through all positions except that of the boss. He then decided to close the loop by launching his own business in 2014. When he is not at the workshop, Roland intensively practices martial arts and plots to overthrow the World Order.

Lord Guillaume

The prodigy

Born in 1991 in Echirolles, Guillaume joined the team in the early Summer of 2016. He has been a professional knife-maker for fourteen years and also obtained a certificate in ironwork. Blades are also part of his leisure activities since he practices historical fencing on top of going down deep holes tied with a rope. He’s clearly the weirdest of us all.


The native

She was born from a knife maker dad and a caring mom in 1993, in the epicenter of Thiers. Hélène grew up to be the brilliant and always smiling person she is now, who cherishes people and knives (don’t let that scare you). She was trained by ninjas in marketing and business and worked for a while with Geoffroy at Lierande. Her love for natty wines and good food was an obvious hint we had to work together.

Leonard Nimoy

The grey eminence (AKA Leoniño)

Born in 2015, AKA Léon, French bulldog, makes everyone at the workshop benefit not only from his snoring, but mainly from the good vibrations he exhales thanks to his gentleness and Olympian calm. However, just show him a soccer ball and he'll go full Mr Hyde on you.