Carbon fiber

Because carbon fiber is strong as shit. If you’re careless, if your staff has no time to be delicate, if your patrons can’t figure out on which side the edge is, get cut and then blame everyone but themselves but if you have a sense of humor, this is the stuff you need.

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374€, 311.67€ (excl. taxes)
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Scales: Carbon fiber
Blade: 14C28N Nitrogen boosted stainless steel, cryo treated
Hardness: HRC 60
Length: 23,5 cm
height: 22 mm (at the largest)
Thickness: 17 mm (cone shaped)
Sold as a 4-item set
Suggested selling price : 374€ (311.67€ excl. taxes)
Professional restaurant price : 60€ each (excl taxes, freight and import duties)

Dishwasher safe (Max 50°C / 125°F on a domestic dishwasher, 80°C / 175°F with a 1 minute cycle on a professional machine)