Weird but cool fiberglass

To me, The filleting knife is really the third most important blade in the kitchen. It’s much more versatile that one could expect. Obviously, you can fillet a fish with it but it can basically do 90% of what a carving knife can. For instance, it can achieve the thinnest cuts on deboned meats and any kind of veggies. By pinch-grabbing the blade, you can even do some rock-motion chopping.

This handle material can take anything you can throw at it, even in a restaurant’s kitchen.

The knife is wrapped in a nice linen kitchen towel, made in France by Moutty.

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332€, 276.67€ (excl. taxes)
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Filleting knife
Nitrogen boosted 14C28N steel 18 cm edge, sub-zero treated, 1 mm thick, 60 HRC
Overall length 31.5 cm
Handle made of Fiberglass composite.
Price for hospitality professionals : 230€ (excl taxes, freight and import duties)
Suggested public price : 332€ (276.67€ excl. taxes)