White G10 + Bamboo

Inspiration came from contemporary furniture design. I wanted to revisit the idea of knife preciosity, without using any traditional, rare material, nor hazardous to the environment.
So I chose a composite made of fiberglass and acrylic resin. Paired with the bamboo back spacer, we get a subtle balance between harmony and contrast, synthetic and natural.


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Blade: 14C28N Nitrogen boosted stainless steel, cryo treated
Hardness: HRC 60
Scales: G10 (fiberglass composite)
Pouch: Felt
Length: 23,5 cm while open, 13,5 cm folded
height: 19 mm
Thickness: 13 mm
Mounted on beryllium bronze washers, with ceramic detent ball.
Suggested public price : 272€ (226.67€ excl. taxes)